My Troubling

Ginger – A red wakin purchased from Fins, Feathers, Paws, and Claws in Harleysville PA.

Cal – Small silver and red spotted shubunkin purchased at Aquatic Connections, September 2007.

Sil – Silver shubunkin purchased along with Cal (above) and Dom, who got caught in my pump intake grille in Spring 2008 (RIP). Very small when purchased, he has grown big and plump.

Didier – black and reddish orange shubunkin purchased at Center Point Pond in April 08 to replace Dom, who was sucked into the pump intake:

Another fish in the shipment was Michelle, a red watonai with white fringed caudals:

I grabbed a dominant white wakin from FFPC in May 08 and named him Harley, as he is from Harleysville:

My beautiful midnight blue shubunkin, Bumpkin, jumped from my pond, so I “replaced” him with Franky, a mostly blue shub with a couple of barely noticeable reddish spots purchased from That Fish Place in May ’08:

Another mostly blue shubunkin, Joey, joined the pond from Captain Nemo’s in July 2008. He is fast as lightning and named after Chelsea winger Joe Cole.

The final summer addition to the pond in 2008 was Newboy, a pretty blue dominate watonai spotted at Fins Feathers Paws and Claws in August.


One Response to “My Troubling”

  1. Matthew Taylor Says:

    What great info you provided, and the photos are equally awesome :). I am having a goldfish pond constructed 500 to 800 gallons….. and your page/site was the most helpful in my research. I will buy only goldfish, Thanks for the advise/direction. Matthew

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